Tuesday, September 06, 2005

[Meta] Tags for posts

Here are some ideas for tags for new posts. By putting the tag in the subject line, it will be easy to search for old posts related to your interest. The [Meta] tag is for posts about the blog itself.Here are some more

[Tour] - touring or adventure cycling
[MTB] - cross-country, downhill, freeride
[Road] - anything light and fast for the road
[Utility] or [Commute] - self-explnatory
[News] - industry news, stolen bikes, accidents
[Bent] - recumbent related
[Review] - product reviews
[SingleSpeed] - is all you need
[Biketopia] - biking Hubbert's peak, advocacy, car-free lifestyle
[Fringe] - choppers, lowriders, unicycles, Penny Farthings


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