Wednesday, September 07, 2005

[Tour] "Talk to Me" tour and Surly's Long Haul Trucker

This couple has been riding a "Talk to Me" tour; it's a great idea that I'd love to try sometime.

"We've been blown away by all the lovely strangers we've met and stories we've heard," said Wetzel, 25. "It's like a real-life chat room. It's really an absurd art we're learning, from when to say hello, and when to ask a question."
Speaking of touring, I need to start thinking of a project to while away the long winter months. Building up a touring rig seems like a no-brainer, as I really want to do an EPIC (at least a month) ride before I get old. A good touring bike needs to have a good touring frame, and IMO the Surly Long Haul Trucker is totally sweet. Why? Touring geometry, all the braze ons, a long wheelbase, and it's steel.

Donations towards purchasing this frame will be gratefully accepted!


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Knox Gardner said...

Good luck on getting a Surly set up for touring. Taking a long tour is not as hard as you might think and I met lots of folks out on this tour, some quite young with hardly a bit of gear, doing very long ride.

If you don't own a Surly yet, make sure that you go ride ever single touring bike you can possibly afford, and then buy the one that is MOST COMFORTABLE. It seems that a few of the folks I met had some good luck getting a slightly older bike off of eBay.

If you go on a tour, you will find, that people TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME, making the purpose of this "talk to me tour", a bit naive. Cute, but naive. I often find that I want people to just be quiet a bit...honestly, the skill is always in listening and then being encouraging to people about cycling or following some other dream vision they are having while chatting with you about your bike.

Finally, thanks for the OED attention to some bit of my blog. Post from the road can be a disaster of spelling, grammar, and yes, even misplacing centuries here and there...


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